Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort, Ao Nang, Krabi, Thailand

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Address : 20/1 Moo 2 Ao Nang Beach, Muang, Krabi
Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort
Property Highlight :

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort is located in southwest of Thailand in a charming area known as Ao Nang. The guests can experience an outdoor spa treatment in the tropical garden. Herbal steam and Jacuzzi pool are located near the spa villas for refreshing and relaxing. The spa treatments have combined the beliefs of natural herbs's healing power with ancient massage techniques that will leave the feeling of delightfully rejuvenate and relax. This is a tempted method to purify both body and soul.

Beside the spa services, there is a band new boutique resort caters to those who are looking for more than just a standard hotel room. The eight luxury villas are secluded in their own tropical garden with a delightful recreation area for the sole use of in - houseguests. Each villa has been individually designed to the highest specifications in a medley between traditional Thai - Bali architecture style. The highlight of the villa is a blissful open-air bath for two where the guests are privatly free to indulge their sense and mind.Rewards your body and mind with Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort.

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Room Rates :
Promotion Bonus Night
Period : 01 Nov 11 - 20 Dec 11 &
16 Jan 12 - 15 Apr 12
- Stay 15 Consecutive Nights Pay Only 11 Nights
- Stay 10 Consecutive Nights Pay Only 8 Nights
- Stay 6 Consecutive Nights Pay Only 5 Nights
The above rates are net and inclusive of :
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  • Daily ABF.
  • The special rates applicable to new bookings only.
  • Booking cannot re-book and NO-CANCELLATION.
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High Season
1 Nov 11 -
20 Dec 11
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21 Dec 11 -
15 Jan 12
High Season
16 Jan 12 -
15 Apr 12
Green Season
16 Apr 12 -
31 Oct 12
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  Grand Deluxe Villa
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  • Early check out or unused room night are not refundable for early departure.

  • Cooking and pet are not allowed .
  • The above rates are applicable only if booked through this website (special rates) and are not available at the hotel.

  • Child policy :
    - There is no charge for child age 12 years or below if sharing a room with adult(s) in existing bed.

  • Transfer Rate ( On Request ) :
    - Krabi Airport to Resort or to Krabi Airport / person / trip Baht 300.-net.

  • Meal Rates :

Meal Rates (Per Person)
Child ( 4 - 12 years )

Accommodation :

Deluxe Villa

Deluxe Villa Bedroom
Deluxe Villa Bedroom
Deluxe Villa Bedroom

Swimming Pool
Around Resort

Grand Villa

Grand Villa
Grand Villa
Grand Villa Bedroom
Facilities :


 In order to restrain your privacy, we provide luxury spa suites for the honeymoon lovers. It is a special moment where the lovers can have treatments together and they will have some free time indulge themselves without any disturbance.The concept of our spa treatments and therapies is to combine the beliefs of natural herbs' healing power with ancient massage techniques
that not only leave the feeling of delightful rejuvenation and relaxation but also your beauty within. Moreover, our well-trained therapists will ease away your stress and tensions with a wide range of treatments and therapies. We pamper you everything from traditional Thai massage to various types of exotic massages and treatments with special oils and scrubs imported from many destinations in Asia and in the West.


Spa Statistics :

Spa Area:
3,200 sq meters

Spa Facilities:
- 4 Tropical Spa Pavilions (avaliable for two guests)
- 2 Private Spa Suites with individual plunge pool for two persons
- Herbal steam (10 square meters)
- Jacuzzi Pool (110 square meters)

Jacuzzi pool

Facial Treatment :

- Tropical cleansing Facial  : Spa session : 60 Mins

For deep pore cleansing and gentle exfoliation, enjoy your facial cleaning with natural product, we recommend white egg mask. Giving you with a glowing, soft and healthy-looking facial skin.


- Sun damaged skin Facial : Spa session : 60 Mins

The way to sooth your skin from sun burned, we recommend fresh Aloe Vera mask to cure and moisturize your skin.

Rejuvenating Facial :Spa session : 60 Mins

For the most relaxing and anti - stress facial, we will introduce you to a pressure point massage to promote lymphatic drainage. A gentle facial massage combines with a nourising honey will leave you with moisturize the skin. The treatment
cannot be compelete without a refreshing cucumber mask; that compresses your facial pore and lead you into the rejuvenated facial skin.

Rejuvenating Facial

Aromatherapy Facial :Spa session : 60 Mins

Designed to purify and promote beautifully radiant skin. Our deluxe facial offers cleansing, toning, exfoliating and revitalizing mask for both men and women. In addition, a light relaxing facial Designed to purify and promote beautifully radiant skin.
Designed to purify and promote beautifully radiant skin. Our deluxe facial offers cleansing, toning, exfoliating and revitalizing mask for both men and women. In addition, a light relaxing facial massage with an aromatic hydrating cream to soothe the skin, eliminate stress and leave totally relaxed.

Aromatherapy Facial

Himalayan Facial : Spa session : 60 Mins

This exotic facial is a very famous recipe of Himalayan herbs such as Jasmine oil, sandlewood, shaweeds, sharose, and more. These original Indian herbs are commonlly known as " Shahnaz Husain " (The natural concept with the ancient herbal remedies.) The power of Ayurvedic product will promote the beauty of younger skin.

Body Massage  :
Anti-stress back and shoulder Massage
Spa session : 30 Mins

This treatments specifically eases muscle tension by concentrating on the back and shoulder with aromatic oil.


Foot Reflexology : Spa session : 60 Mins

Pamper your tired feet with floral foot bath, followed by a reflexology treatment to stimulate reflex points in the feet affecting internal organs, glands and specific areas of affliction.

Royal Thai Massage  : Spa session : 60 Mins

Passed down through the generations, the ancient Royal Thai is a unique blend of deep tissue massage, using pressure points and stretching techniques to reduce stress and muscles aches. Royal Thai Massage is a polite massaged which avoid any crackling, blending, or any other impolite manner.


Royal Thai Massage  : Spa session : 90 Mins

More techniques and more massages from top to toe will give you extra concentrate on the pain areas or muscle aches. At the end, you will be pampered with a head massage to release your painess.

Royal Thai Massage  : Spa session : 120 Mins

The complete massage with full techniques of Royal Thai massage will be served to reduce stress and relieve muscle soreness. Recommended for those who essentially prefer to reduce and healing the painess on your body. Before ending with a warm compress of Thai herbs will be applied to your back to increase the relaxation for your mind and soul.

Aromatherapy Massage  : Spa session : 60 Mins

Our most aromatic and relaxing massage with a choice of specially blend oils. Using a combination of strokes and acupressure techniques, this soothing and gentle massage allows healing properties of these natural oils to penetrate into
the skin leaving you relaxed with sense of well being.

Deep tissue Massage : Spa session : 60 Mins

A warm sense from a blending of essential oils can revitalize and stimulate your body. The deep issue massage on the entire body will soothe sore muscles that will let you experience the feeling of relaxation and refreshness. The massage designed for those leading a more active lifestyle or for those who prefer a strong massage.

Body Treatment  :

- Loofah Scrub  : Spa session : 50 Mins

Rich in nutrients, sea salt from the shores of Thailand mixed with essential
oils is used for the deep exfoliating treatment. We use loofah with short circular massage strokes where dull skin cells can be removed, a circulation is improved, and leaving you with a new radiance healthy skin. Completing the treatment with body lotion to moisture your skin.

- Oatmeal Scrub : Spa session : 50 Mins

A gentle cleansing treatment with the mixture of soft oatmeal, honey, almond, milk and soybean can exfoliate and moisture the skin. Your skin will look smooth and velvety. Recommend for the sensitive skin.

- Tropical Herbal Scrub  : Spa session : 50 Mins

A full body scrub using the mixed of phlai, licorice, rosella dried flower, lavender and lemongrass oils (Healing herbs as an emollient) to purify and relax body and mind. Your skin will look and feel positively radiant.

- Soothing Wrap : Spa session : 80 Mins

Damaging skin from sunburn will be healed and cooled with the purest essential oil and fresh aloe vera. These incredients will apply all over the body to moisturize the damaged skins. Then cover your skin with banana leaves in order to reduce the internal heat from your body.(Including 15 minutes herbal stream)

- Purifying Mud Wrap :Spa session : 80 Mins

A thermal body wrap using dead sea mud to stimulate the lymphatic stystem to eliminate toxins. This truly relaxing treatment will balance your body 's energy flow. (Including 15 minutes herbal stream)

- Aromatic Anti-Cellulite Body Treatments  : Spa session : 100 Mins

Cleansing and relaxing your body with Salt Brushing from the Dead Sea and following with Aroma Algae body wrap. The combinations of these two processes will make the skin visibly and tangibly smoother with a more even texture.(Including 15 minutes herbal stream)

Spa Package

- Tropical Delight  : Spa session : 3 Hrs.

Enjoy a herbal steam and the Jacuzzi Pool before energizing the body with a Royal thai massage. Package includes special cocktail at the Jacuzzi pool.
- Herbal Steam & Jacuzzi Pool (90 Mins)
- A special Cocktail with your selections
- Floral foot bath
- Thai Massage (90 Mins)
- Refreshment

- Heaven on Earth  : Spa session : 2Hrs.

We begins to pamper you with floral foot bath and following by aromatherapy massage. Then we will revitalize your face with our Aromatherapy facial.
- Floral Foot Bath
- Aromatherapy massage
- Aromatherapy facial
- Refreshment

- Southern Discovery  : Spa session : 2.5 Hrs.

Pampering you with floral foot bath and purify your body with tropical herbal scrub then refreshing yourself in hot herbal bath for relaxing. Finishing the package with deep tissue massage.
- Floral Foot Bath
- Tropical Herbal scrub
- Herbal Bath (30 Mins)
- Deep Tissue Massage
- Refreshment

Perfect Honey moon  : Spa session : 4Hrs.

Enjoying yourself in a private spa suite for a memorable moment!!! Relaxing yourself in a private steaming room and refreshing your body in a luxury plunge pool. At the same time, your refreshment and snack will be provided in your private spa suite at the edge of your plunge pool. After enjoying with your snack, your dull skin will be purifying with a body scrub in which you are freely to choose your own flavour. Then you will continue the package with aromatherapy massage. You may choose the suitalbe aromatic oil for your skin. The Honeymoon package will be perfect with our Aromatherapy facial or Himalayan Facial.
- Herbal Steam & Aromatic Floral Bath ( 1Hr.)
- Herbal Tea and Snack
- Floral Foot Bath
- A choice of body scrub
- Aromatherapy massage
- Aromatherapy facial or Himalayan Facial
- Refreshment

The Treasure of Tropical Herbal Spa  : Spa session : 4.5 Hrs. ( for couple )

Indulge in incomparable nurturing spa experiences ensconced in the private spa suite surrounded by terrance of tropical plants. The story begins with herbal steam and your choice of tropical retreats: aromatic floral bath/ fresh herbal bath/rejuvenate milky bath. Following with a purifying mud wrap and Tropical Herbal Spa's aromatherapy massage, which you can choose one of our massage oil. Not only your body will be pleased but also your face. We will restore your face with aromatherapy facial treatment. The story cannot end without discovering a precious treasure, Special Dinner Set that you can choose your own selection either Royal Thai Set or Western Set. The romance moment will be celerbrate with one free bottle of wine under candlelights surrounding your dinner table. Our waitress will be served you, as you were a prince and princess. You will also receive an Exclusive Spa Gift from Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort. This is a moment that you will never forget!

- Herbal steam & a choice of Tropical retreat (30 Mins):
(Aromatic floral bath, Herbal bath, Rejuvenate milky bath)
- Purifying Mud wrap
- Aromatherapy massage
- Aromatherapy facial
- A Special Dinner (Royal Thai Set /Western Set)

Royal Thai Dinner Set 
1. Golden Bag or Spring Roll pawn
2. Mee Grob (Crispy Rice Noodle top with tamarind saurce)
3. Fish Cake (Fried Curry Fish Ball)
4. Yum Yai (Mixed vegetable salad with mince shrimp, pork top ground peanut)
5. Sum Tum (Papaya Salad)
      Main Course
1. Gai Haw Bai Toey (Chicken in pandanus leaves)
2. Sweet and Sour Fish Filets
3. Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Galangal and Coconut milk soup)
4. Tom Yum Krung
5. Fried Rice with Prawn Southern Style / plain rice
1. Banana in Coconut milk
2. Assorted Fresh Fruit in season 
1. Coffee, Tea or Herbal drink
2. Free one bottle of White or Red Wine

Western Dinner Set

1. Soup: Spinach Cream Soup or Chicken Cream Soup
2. Snack: Calamari Ring or Golden Crispy Mix Seafood Serve with Cocktail Saurce
3. Salad: Chef Special Salad (Cheddar Cheese, Chicken, Ham, Prawn, Egg top with Bacon) Your choice of dressing: Italian Dressing/Thousand Island Dressing/French Dressing
4. Fish Dish: Fillet White Fish Grill with Lemon and Butter serve with garden side salad and tartar sauce 
      Main Course : Your choices of:
1. Filete Mignons with Mushroom Remy Sauce
2. T-Bone Steak
3. Mix Grill Seafood
4. Chicken or Pork Steak
(All dishes cook the way you like.rare, medium or done)
      Dessert :Your choices of:
1. Crepe Susette
2. Banana or Pineapple Fitter
3. Fresh Tropical Fruit
1. Espresso, Coffe, Tea, or Herbal Drink
2. Free 1 Bottle of White or Red Wine

Spa Service :

- Herbal steam and Jacuzzi pool  : Spa session : 90 Mins

We have carefully selected and blended varieties of fresh herbs to make your experience in our steam room unforgettable. This exquisite blend, together with the ideal steaming temperature of 33 C-37 C will rejuvenate your body and bring your mind to a state of complete relaxation. Surrounded by tropical trees and mountains is our Jacuzzi pool, which is yet another one of the sources of great pleasure that we would like to offer and make your stay at our resort a complete delight.

- Private Spa Suite  : Spa session : 60 Mins

Enjoy aromatic floral bath and use herbal steam before or after your treatments. Special herbal tea and snack will be served on time while you are relaxing there. Advance booking is a must.

- Tropical Retreats :

Aromomatic floral bath 30 Mins
Herbal bath 30 Mins
Rejuvenating Milky

- Herbal steam and Jacuzzi pool (90Mins)

We have carefully selected and blended varieties of fresh herbs to make your experience in our steam room unforgettable. This exquisite blend, together with the ideal steaming temperature of 33-37 C will rejuvenate your body and bring your mind to a state of complete relaxation. Surrounded by
tropical trees and mountains is our Jacuzzi pool, which is yet another one of the sources of great pleasure that we would like to offer and make your stay at our resort a complete delight




Restaurant :

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

Activities :

Island Tour  :
Phi Phi Island:
Thailand's most requested day trip destination: speed boat allow you to access to more stops and more fun in small groups.

Hong Island:
Krabi's ultimate beach destination: escape the crowds and ride a speed boat to white powder sand and worn, inviting water.

Krabi 4 Islands:
Krabi's nearest and most popular island group: joining in this 1/2 day island hopper by speed boat to Krabi's tropical hot spot.

Krabi Rainforest:
Thailand's last reserves of lowland rainforest: take a close look at some surprise gifts os nature in an educational, fun day out.

Packages include: Hotel transfers, professional guide, lunch, fresh fruits, Krabi cake, drinking water, insurance and entrance fees. Sea trips with mask, snorkel, and life jacket.
Elephant trekking and river camp
Beautiful River, Shade & Abundant Forest
Kayaking & Sea Caves Canoe

Hong Island:
The most beautiful island of the Andaman Coast. As you approach from the sea, the towering limestone formation & crystal clear water in spire images of deserted dream island.

Ban Bho Tho:
The Northern part of Krabi Province boasts dramatic karst topography and an abundance of caves. The first cave you visit, Than Lord, has a spectacular tunnel through a karst richly adorned.

Ao Taland:
The bay of mangroves that may will be the most beautiful in all of Thailand. Here, surrounded by towering Karst information and lovely offshore islands are complex channels.

Sea Cave Canoe

Explore the mangroves of BOR THOR and see the ancient cave paintings preserved in THAM PEE HUA TOH, padding through the wild mangroves of Krabi, ancient cultures lived sustain by nature, and resided in beautiful limestone cave decorated with bizarre cave painting.

Package include: Transportation, lunch, refreshments equipment, life jacket, local English speaking guide, admission fee, travel insurance.

The coral reef offers a multitude of fish in all colors of the rainbow, and feels like swimming in an aquarium.

Daily Diving:
Local Island 2 dives/ shark point area 3 dives/ Phi Phi are 2 dives.

Dive Courses:
Padi Discover Scuba Diving/ Padi Scuba Diver/ Padi Open Water Diver/ Padi Advance Open Water Diver/ Padi Emergency First Response/ Padi Rescue Diver/ Padi Dvemaster.

Package include: guide, life jacket, snorkeling equipment, lunch, water/soft drinks, coffee/tea, fruit.

Location & Map :

Tropical Herbal Spa & Resort

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